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TETRA radio communication for Superyachts

Radio communication for superyachts is essential. All super yachts are equipped with a radiocommunication system. The two-way radios used on the radiocommunication system are used for communication between for example the following crew on the ship: Captain, Chief engineer, chief stew, head chef etc.

Because of the structure of ships and yachts radio signals travel difficult through the steelstructure. This prevents reliable and clear communication. A solution is an antenna system that connects with the central installed (TETRA) radiocommunication system.

A TETRA radio communication system combined with TETRA radios offer a reliable solution. While the TETRA radios are available in a variety of brands and models. Wether the TETRA radios should be robust and waterproof for outdoor use or sleek and stylish for the service. While ATEX TETRA comply with the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulation and radios for fire fighting.

Group and individual radio communication

Communication groups can be created for the different departments on the superyacht, like for example engineering, deck, interior, galley. By separating the communication of the departments in different (talk)groups communication can be more efficient and different disciplines don’t disturb each other.

Individual communication can be very usefull the have a direct conversation between two people onboard while not disturbing the others on the yacht.

Additional TETRA full duplex communication is very helpfull during mooring. With full duplex communication both both parties can listen and talk without pushing the PTT (push to talk) button. Like a telephone conversation.

The benefits of a TETRA radiocommunication system for superyachts are:

  • Clear and reliable communication
  • Group communication with a programmable number of talkgroups
  • Full duplex individual communication
  • Different manufacturers to choose from
  • Different radio types to choose from, like heavy and robust, and lightweight and stylish.
Superyacht radio communication the Netherlands