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TETRA Consultancy is experienced with TETRA networks and the end user processes, whether it is selecting and buying a network, planning a network, improving a network, or putting the maintenance processes in place. Or selecting subscribers the match your business requirements, designing or selecting an application that communicates with your mobile network and subscribers to get the most out of your investement.

Experienced in:

  • Network rollout
  • System architecture
  • Network optimalisation
  • Network coverage
  • Control room applications and processes
  • TETRA air interface
  • Network management processes
  • Acceptance testing
  • Making the link between political decisions and technology
  • Familiar with the processes in the public safety area
  • Familiar with most radio manufacturers
  • AVL Automatic Vehicle Location track and trace your mobiles
  • TETRA data applications
  • Maintenance processes
TETRA Radio communication in aircraft