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TETRA is scalable in terms of additional software applications. Usually a separate data network is connected to the TETRA network to provide access to the relevant information systems. The data is accessed using the TETRA mobile radio. This can be a standalone TETRA radio with a wap browser or a SDS application. Or a mobile computer connected to the TETRA terminal. Were the mobile computer contains the application that communicates with the server in the data network.

Basically applications can be devided in the following functional categories:

  • Control room / dispatch applications
    • wired and wireless dispatchers
  • Location information applications
    • Using TETRA Short data or TETRA packet data
  • Data query applications
    • Using WAP (Wireless Access Protocol),
    • or via an application on Mobile radio or mobile computer
    • or using short data
  • Voice applications
    • Voice recognition application for quick data querying
  • Network management applications
    • for tracking and logging of network relevant information
    • for for network provisioning
    • for network capacity monitoring
  • Coverage and network optimalisation applications
    • for TETRA network radio planning and RF optimisation