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TETRA Consultancy offers:

  • Contracting ( turn key network roll-out)
  • TETRA Training
  • Resources for TETRA network rollout
  • TETRA network operation and maintenance (processes and technology)
  • Developing new software thats interact with your TETRA network
  • Writing and answering European Tenders

 TETRA Consultancy provides you with contractors with years of experience in the TETRA and Mobile industry. 

Selecting a TETRA network

Due to experience with the TETRA equipment and end users needs TETRA Consultancy can help you with selecting a TETRA network that fits your users needs. TETRA Consultancy can also define the requirements for European tenders. 

TETRA  network roll-out

Rolling out a new TETRA Network for a small geographical area or a large nation wide TETRA network? TETRA Consultancy can provide you with the needed resources to help you with the network roll-out.  

Operating and maintaining your TETRA Network

TETRA Consultancy is experienced in operating and maintaining TETRA networks. We can define the day to day processes to keep the network healthy and deifne the processes the have a efficient and flexible maintenance organisation.

 TETRA Consultancy for manufacturers

 As TETRA manufacturer you don’t always need to same amount of employees. When there a more projects temporary additional employees can be needed while the they are not needed anymore when the projects are finished. TETRA Consultancy can offer you with experienced TETRA consultants that can be direct put onto the projects.

New functionality needed in your TETRA Network?

Do you want to have new or additional functionalities in your TETRA network? TETRA Consultancy can do a feasibility study, use the contacts in the TETRA commmunity or provide you with the software needed for the new feature.